Gender and Media Connect commemorates #WorldAIDSDay2017

“Lest we forget or our minds are occupied with other issues!!!”

Let us as the media not forget critical role we have in the continuous fight against HIV/AIDS.

It is our duty to raise the awareness of viewers, listeners and readers on the causes and symptoms of the virus, profile and encourage early testing and counseling and also share information on how people globally are living positively with the virus in order to curb cases of denial, stigma and discrimination.


Our role remains to

  1.  Engage the populace in continuous conversations about HIV/AIDS, hence breaking the silence and stigma around the virus,
  2. Challenge the Government and other like-minded Organisations to improve the health service delivery system by strategically placing HIV/AIDS on the news agenda,
  3. Encourage leaders to take action and ensure that prevalent HIV/AIDS issues such as the mother to child transmission cases are lowered, and lastly encourage the masses to engage in safe and responsible sexual methods.

All this can be achieved if we as the media mainstream the issues of Gender and HIV/AIDS.
ISU NEMI TINEBASA #EveryoneIsResponsible

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