She Wants to Bring Out the Hero in You

Guided by a simple plan that puts service delivery and rejuvenation of her Ward at the heart of her campaign, Kudzai Mubaiwa is determined to be Harare Central’s Ward 6 representative in the forthcoming elections.

Her pledge is to work with a small, nimble team that includes the residents to reclaim the past glory of their Ward. A humble woman who has a clear understanding of what has gone wrong and how to fix it, Mubaiwa told Vote Watch263 in an interview that her Ward which covers the capital’s avenues and part of the central business district, needed much more than a face lift.

Mubaiwa (35) lives in the Ward and believes that the interests of the residents will be best served by someone who lives among them.

“I am in touch with most of the potential voters in my Ward via social media but I also do door-to-door meetings. I already engage with Harare City Council on various issues raised by residents in Ward 6. I have an office and it will soon have a hotline so that I am in constant touch with residents. People require engaging and vibrant leadership,” said Mubaiwa.

Under her Blueprint, she has a simple plan known as #HERO which will be her guiding principle:

  1. Hear:

Hear through listening more to issues raised by residents through a bottom up approach and will be accessible. This will be done through direct communication, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Twitter and through all three mobile networks. There will also be suggestion boxes at the shopping centres in the Ward, manned Ward desks in strategic locations in the Ward and there will be quarterly Town Hall meetings with residents.

  1. Engage:

Discussion platforms have already been created and social media networks established. The foundation for lobbying Harare City Council on residents’ concerns and feedback has been laid out. A service level agreement with clear timelines of service provision and regular responses will be put in place. There will be consultative meetings on such pertinent issues as service delivery, business policies, budgets and we will also have a monthly newsletter.

  1. Represent:

We will stand for the interests of our electorate, Ward 6 in council and seek the best value for our people. This would speak to both proposing beneficial initiatives and opposing projects/arrangements that are harmful to Ward 6 residents and the city’s inhabitants at large.

We will also push for a regenerative agenda – the digitalisation of processes in council to reduce bureaucracy, through use of free and open technology. We believe in and will advocate for participation of stakeholders in discourse through media, minimum requirements for public representatives, and the enforcement of punitive measures on those who use the office as a means for illegal, corrupt activity and personal gain. We are for democratic and rational use of available city and ward resources, that they be monetised within reason and applicable environmental laws for the benefit of everyone.

  1. Oversee:

We will supervise the actions of council service providers within our scope and ensure accountability of council enforcers, in the main staff and other council offices with whom we will implement appropriate local government policies. Our mandate is to ensure our residents get value for money and quality, efficient service. We will manage resources in a transparent manner and focus on rebuilding the local economy parallel to our responses to meet basic needs. We place value on creativity and innovation and will foster a culture of peace.

Mubaiwa, an energetic go-getter says she will organise and host community events for residents to interact social, strengthen community capacity building and create a forum for cross-pollination of ideas. Her Blue Print details the work she hopes to do after she is elected and also educational and economic freedom programmes for residents of Ward 6. A verified database of self-employed individuals with technical skills and small businesses that residents can patronise will be put in place.

She is a banker by profession, runs training programmes of financial wellness and is a small business incubation consultant.

For more on what this aspiring councillor promises please follow this link.


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