Joanah Mamombe ready to deliver

Newly-elected Member of Parliament for Harare West, Joanah Mamombe is relishing the prospects of representing her constituency and says she will not disappoint.

The 25-year-old molecular biologist shrugged off competition from then incumbent Fungai Jessie Majomhe (Independent) and George Mashavave (ZANU PF) to become the youngest female member of the House of Assembly.

“I’m humbled by the emphatic victory. My team and I are encouraged by the massive support and we will not disappoint,” said Mamombe.

Mamombe believes her election into office was as result of concerted effort by herself, her campaign team and residents of Harare West, whose trust she intends to work so hard to repay.

“This is not my achievement but it is an achievement of the people from Harare West who have trust in my capabilities and also to the MDC Alliance family who nurtured my capacity over the years, ’’ said Mamombe.

“Being elected into the National Assembly at 25 is not a joke especially considering that I’m a woman,” she added.

Being a young leader, Mamombe also endorses the generational consensus in which the youths underpinned their generational mandate to define their fate courtesy of the recently held poll, but insists that all ages will profit from her leadership.

“The roles and responsibilities of a Member of Parliament are to formulate laws and play an oversight role on the executive. With my fellow lawmakers, especially from my party, we will make sure laws enacted in Parliament will benefit young people. As for Harare West residents, young or old, I will be available to assist wherever possible and within my capacity,” she said.

The youthful politician also subscribes to the demystification of the belief that Members of Parliament interact with residents only in the pre-election days while seeking votes but then disappear once elected.

“I believe in interaction because that’s how my network grows. I can’t represent people that I don’t meet or interact with. We are preparing our year programme for the Constituency and we will share it once it’s ready and after the Executive issues have been dealt with,” she said.

Members of Parliament are expected to commence work after the legal battle in which MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is challenging the legitimacy of President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory at the Constitutional Court has been resolved.

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