Health Time Bomb For Amsterdam Residents

By Sharai Temba

Residents in Amsterdam Park are at risk of a serious health crisis due to water challenges in the area.

Most of them are suffering from water borne diseases like cholera, diarrhea and typhoid and the mains source of water is from wells, which are close to graveyards.

The area is serviced by one borehole against a population of 3000. The people are forced to drink contaminated water and also used it to wash their clothes and bathing. As a result, they are having skin disease like rash.

Due to the Covid 19 many hospitals and clinics were closed .Pharmacies and private clinics are working but are demanding payment in US Dollars, which is beyond the reach of many.

Now, some are taking traditional medicine such as ginger so that they can chew it but children they cut ginger into small pieces and then add water to drink it.

Some boil water and others do not because they do not have firewood. Consequently people are dying because they do not have adequate treatment.

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