One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Stash

A young man, Tawanda Mbenene from Hopley Zone1is earning a living through the selling of scrap metals.

He travels from Hopley to Amsterdam, searching for scrap metals from dumping areas and fields in order for his family to earn a better living.

He uses his cart on a daily basis to ferry his stuff to his selling point, with some of them selling for a few dollars.This is his main source of livelihood following the covid-19 shutdown of companies.

He lives in an overcrowded room with his family where the number of people has become more than the food served on the table.

To send his children to school, Tawanda relies on his scrap metal job and with school having opened, the situation is even harder for him.

In some cases, he does menial jobs in exchange for food.

He also working hard on his metal scrap in order to pay rents for his family, as well as all his debts.

However, he is exposed to hazardous health risks which may harm his life.

Those rust metal scraps can cause tetanus. The inhaled air which is polluted by those areas is not healthy.

Disturbances in human organs by pushing his Cart on his daily basis end up developing serious bodily stresses.

As he mentioned that sometimes he do it with his family thus a great effect in child-labor.

Despite of economic hardships Tawanda is a very hard-working man seriously intending to support his family. 

However, he is need in dire need of food, school fees and a proper job to support his family.

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