17 Jan 2018

Knowledge Management and Resource Centre2

Our strategic aim is to increase and avail knowledge (what is known) on gender and media dynamics in Zimbabwe by providing credible evidence based reasearch work. Outcomes:

i) Increased knowledge on the gender issues and the media,

ii) Three evidence based credible research work on gender and media issues in 3years,

iii) GMC Reputation as leader on media and gender issues increased by 2018.

Theme definition:

This theme is made up of 3 components; resource centre, reference point and research.

a) Resource centre: Uniqueness of organisation, Will provide current data, info around media and gender, Focal on empowerment to education, pool of resources, training manuals (print and electronically)

b) Reference centre on gender and media: Provides deeper policy analysis and formulate model policy framework.

c) Research and documentation: Credibility, Targeted campaigns help in messaging