21 Sep 2017

Media Skills Training for Women in Politics -Members of Parliament and Councillors

On 20 and 21 September 2017, GMC held two coaching sessions for women in politics and in attendance there were 21 participants, 14 female Members of Councilors and 7 female Councilors from both ZANU PF and MDC.  Although the attendance was good the attention was divided during the afternoon sessions as parliament was in session. GMC was interested in helping the women in politics build their self-image, create effective messages and sharpen their skills when faced with one of the most challenging situations in modern leadership, which is meeting the press. Like in the sessions for women in CSOs, women in politics were also taken through (1) media mapping, (2) participants ‘experiences with the media, (3) role plays and (4) interface with journalists. During the role plays; tough practical interviews in realistic conditions followed by feedback and learning of the Dos and Don’ts when engaging the media were conducted.