27 Feb 2018

Training media houses and freelance journalists on gender sensitive sourcing trends

In December 2017, GMC trained 39 (19 male 20 females) staff members from three media houses namely Capitalk FM, The Source and ZiFM Stereo and 10 (8 males 2 females) freelance journalists.  GMC explained that increasing the number of women sources in the media was for Development, Demographic and Democratic purposes. The participants were taken through key sessions which included, why they should include the voices of women in their coverage as it widens their pool of sources, balances stories, gives limelight to the women’s perspectives and amplifies their voices.  They were taught on how to identify potential sources from different sectors such as parliament, politics, business and finance, mining, women, children and agriculture. Lastly they came up with possible solutions on how to increase and include women as sources of news and these included ensuring media house styles insist on gender balance when reporting news stories. They also raised the need to continue open engagement with women sources especially women in politics i.e. newsmaker – newsroom meetings.