We have a four-tier annual membership subscription available as follows:

 1.1 Full Membership is – 10.00  This shall be open to professional Zimbabwean women  involved in communication, journalism and media. Their membership shall be confirmed upon payment of membership fees as set periodically by the AGM. 

 1.2 Associate membership – $10.00This is open to any persons (including men) and any organisation which Gender and Media Connect considers to be eligible by   virtue of their interests in the area of communication and their contribution to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Gender and Media Connect Associate members shall pay membership fees at rate determined periodically at the AGM.   

1.3 Honorary membership This shall be offered by the AGM to persons who in the opinion of Gender and Media Connect have made an outstanding contribution around the area of gender, media and communication or who have given outstanding service to Gender and Media Connect. Honorary members shall be exempt from payment of joining fees or subscriptions.    

1.4 Institutional membershipThis is open to organisations that will add credibility to Gender and Media Connect through having such as a close relationship and these are regarded as key partners in achieving the vision  of Gender and Media Connect.   

1.5 Student membership – $5.00. This is open to students involved in communication,media and journalism training. Membership is confirmed upon payment of membership fees as set periodically by the AGM.

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