Our History

Gender and Media Connect (GMC) is a legally registered organisation whose functions are anchored on its mission and vision which seeks to empower women in various sectors of society to engage with the media.  As a Gender and Media advocacy and representative organisation, GMC works to promote not only the rights of women in media but also rights of women in accessing media both as a source of information as well as platforms for free expression. GMC identifies the lopsided and stereotypical representation of women in the media as a drawback to the success of women in leadership be it politics, social and economic sectors.

The GMC entry point is that the negative representation and portrayal of women in media contributes to low women participation in all spheres of public life. And that the media is hugely dominated by powerful men makes this space an area for contestation in the struggle for the advancement of women, and recognition of women voices. The role of the media as conveyors of not only information, but culture, traditions, beliefs, ambition makes the media an important site of struggle for GMC as part of advancing gender equality. Analysis shows that Zimbabwe socio-political dialogues and spaces remain dominated by men hence the low women voices, and undermining of women voices to act as change agents. Women remain second class citizens when it comes to news stories coverage as well as representation of voices in various media platforms.