Disability Is not Inability

My name is Mrs Sekete or Mai Julie.I am a lady aged 47 living in Chivasa village ward 7 Seke.

I live with a disability, I am blind and my husband too. God blessed us with three children, one girl and two boys.

Since before I was married, buying and selling has been my own business where I get money for a living.

I sell goods like sugar, cooking oil, paraffin, soya means. Yes, things got tough here and there but that wasn’t an excuse for backing off as a woman with potential and desires.

 I had to stand up, went through those hardships so that my family can survive and live a comfortable life.

I managed to raise my children paying their school fees even buying them clothes so that they won’t feel out of place or feel the pain of having a disabled parent.

I also made some developments at my homestead, built a five roomed house. The journey of building wasn’t easy because at that time people couldn’t afford to buy a full packet of sugar or a full 2 liters bottle of cooking oil so I had to repack the staff into affordable packages like a cup of sugar.

So it took us long to finish the building project.

Before lockdown, things were ok for my business, it was flowing but when lockdown started challenges got into my way and I couldn’t order some stuff.

Inflation also contributed on the fall of my business for I used my profits to order my stuff

My wish is to find someone to help me with capital so that I can boost my business and survive with my family.

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