Amsterdam park area in Harare South near Hopley farm and Southlea Park under Waterfalls District has been a recent victim of water borne disease.

These water borne diseases are mainly caused by nonfunctioning of water system toilets, no running water in our area and shortages of water for home consumption.

Most people make use of water from shallow wells constructed near the graveyard and dams constructed from land degradation.

These sources of water will be unsafe. Only because of water shortages, most people are drinking contaminated water which causes water borne disease like cholera and typhoid.

The shortages of water have some effects that some individuals may not bath every day and some of the water may be effective to the BODY too. Due to COVID 19 the clinics and hospitals are not working.

The pharmacies will be opened but they need a large amount of money of which some people can’t afford due to the economic crisis.

Some people are now practicing traditional methods like ginger and charcoal from burnt firewood.

The charcoal is placed in water for some time then drink it. Some people are even dying from the water borne diseases.

To avoid the decrease in population in our area there should be constructed at least a few borehole to avoid the loss. People should also be taught good hygiene.

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