Who We Are


Gender and Media Connect (GMC) is a legally registered advocacy and representative organisation formed in 1985; whose work is centered on gender and media policy advocacy, knowledge management and empowerment and advancement of women in and through the media.  GMC works to promote not only the rights of women and girls in media but also rights of women and girls in accessing media both as a source of information as well as platforms for free expression and help them attain the relevant gender skills to champion advocacy on issues affecting them using the media as a tool for socio- economic development and empowerment. GMC extends its reach by also targeting the often-marginalised women and girls in rural and peri urban communities whom we equip with digital skills with the aim of bridging the information gap. GMC has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Parliament of Zimbabwe through the Zimbabwe Women Parliamentary Caucus which gives us seamless access to all the female parliamentarians from all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe; whom we have been coaching on how to engage with media and be visible on alternative media platforms. We also engage the expertise of our membership which mainly comprises both male and female journalists from both the mainstream, community media houses in Zimbabwe including some freelance journalists who write for international and the regional media and engage various online media organisations in who use various social media tools on alternative media platforms.

GMC extends its reach by also targeting the often-marginalised women and girls in rural and peri urban communities.


GMC’s strategic stakeholders include media houses, media–focused CSOs, international organizations and media and journalism training institutions; Government ministries gel the different stakeholders together and provide the regulatory framework within which GMC operates.

Media Organisations

GMC relies on both male and female media executives, editorial staff and other media workers for dissemination of strategic information, formulation of policies that back GMC’s programs, availing media staff for GMC–initiated in–house trainings, implementation of gender policies and mainstreaming gender in editorial work. We work with all major mainstream media houses namely Zimpapers, New Ziana, Alpha Media Holdings, Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe and AB Communications etc. We also work with community newspapers and community radio stations under the Umbrella body of the Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS)

Media–Focused CSOs

We strategically partner with organizations such as Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ), Media Centre; Voluntary Media Council Zimbabwe (VMCZ), MISA Zimbabwe, Media Alliance Zimbabwe (MAZ), ZimFact and Media Monitors etc. and most recently media creatives who all complement the work of GMC through their own programs that respond to critical media issues around capacity building and ethical reporting.

Regional and International Organizations

GMC works closely with a wide network of regional and international organizations, especially World Association of Newspapers (WAN-INFRA), Gender Links and UN Agencies. These are important as technical partners around gender mainstreaming.

Media Training Institutions

We work with Tertiary colleges and universities that offer Journalism, Communication and Media training around issues of induction and sexual harassment. These are key stakeholders on account of their role of building foundations for all media workers.

Women’s organisations

Under the umbrella body of the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe and these include Community Based Organisations such as Wadzanai Trust; Self Help Development Foundation etc.

Government Institutions

Such as the Parliament of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Women Parliamentary Caucus, Zimbabwe Gender Commission and Zimbabwe Media Commission.